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Technology Advancement Program (TAP)

Port of Los Angeles / Port of Long Beach

To facilitate administration of the Technology Advancement Program (TAP), Tetra Tech developed a highly functional, flexible and easy to use Database Management System (Database) for the San Pedro Bay Ports. The TAP Database serves as the primary communication tool to inform TAP partners of various emission control technologies and strategies, TAP projects that are either underway or complete, and projects that are under consideration based on receipt of unsolicited proposals or proposals submitted in response to a Port-issued Request for Proposal. The Database also serves as the principal administrative management tool for the TAP and is accessible via the internet to staff members of the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach as well as identified contractor support personnel. The Database is the repository for the majority of information pertaining to the TAP, and replaced their administrative system that consisted of non-relational Microsoft Access, Excel, and Word documents, as well as an existing paper-based technology filing system. Some of the features of the TAP system include:

  • Web based interface.

  • Fully secure website requiring user to create accounts and then be approved for access by the system administrator.

  • Data entry wizard approach. Users of the system are guided through data entry utilizing a step-by-step entry form.

  • Fully automated reporting system.

  • Email notification for both users and managers. Based on various events, emails are generated and sent to the appropriate recipients.

  • Utilizes a small footprint, low cost approach to web servers. The current system uses a Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP (WAMP) server. The WAMP server is a low cost approach to hosting and has no license or maintenance fees.


Joe Orozco


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