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The development of tailored environmental software applications for scientists and engineers as well as data acquisition, management, and analysis tools to support real-time, retrospective and predictive analyses has been a focus of the Tetra Tech Research & Development Group for more than two decades.

Environmental Software Development

From specifications to product deliverables and maintenance, we provide a lifecycle approach to software development and project management. Noteworthy projects include our successful efforts with development and implementation of:

  • Event detection systems for water utilities
  • Software to manage toxic release inventories for electric utilities
  • Ground water statistical analysis tools for industry
  • Software for spill assessment and SPCC reporting
  • Models for groundwater fate and transport of metals and organic chemicals

Our innovative, robust software plays a key role in the analysis and resolution of environmental issues, which is why our clients have continued to rely on our software development services for over 25 years.

Data Management Services

Effective data management is an important and often undervalued component of jobs that involve collection of samples or handling of any kind of data. The Tetra Tech Research & Development Group has developed a data management system for efficiently and accurately managing environmental data. Using our expertise in the design and implementation of monitoring programs and their associated data management needs, Tetra Tech has developed the Environmental Database for Acquisition and Reporting (EnDAR), a data management system designed for collection, storage, and reporting of environmental data. The system includes:

  • A data manager for such tasks as planning sampling events and uploading Electronic Data Deliverables (EDDs) for reference, laboratory, and other data.
  • A mobile sampling application that can be used offline in the field for recording sample collection, field parameters, and site photos.
  • A notification system that emails users about system events such as data uploads, upload errors, and criteria exceedances.
  • A website for printing bottle labels and chain-of-custody documents, uploading EDDs, downloading EDD templates, and downloading data.
  • A SQL Server database for secure storage of a variety of environmental data, including high-frequency data from sensors.
  • A Power BI dashboard for visualization that allows user interaction with the data via maps, charts, and reports.
  • Web reports for querying the database to generate custom tables and charts and exporting data in CSV or custom formats.

EnDAR was specifically designed with flexibility and expandability in mind, as it is intended to be a starting point for a customized data management system suited to meet a client’s needs. Addition of tables or fields to the database to store new data types are automatically consumed by the Data Manager and website, so no code or configuration changes are required.

EnDAR has been used to significantly improve the quality and accessibility of the data at several sites, including an industrial groundwater monitoring program and coordinated integrated monitoring programs in Southern California.

More information is available in the EnDAR brochure. You can also explore the EnDAR website.

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