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Groundwater Data Management System — Southern Company Services

Due to recent regulations requiring expansion of their sampling programs, including increased sampling frequencies, Tetra Tech provided Southern Company with a Ground Water Data Management System (GWDMS) that streamlined their groundwater monitoring process, allowed for handling of a wide variety of data, and increased the level of quality of the data. The GWDMS is used for data collection, storage, and analysis by Southern Company’s four operating companies. The data management system features:

  • Sample planner and system management desktop software for development of sample plans, upload of electronic data deliverables (EDDs), access to web reports, and management of system tools such as user access and the notification system.

  • A Field Data Collection Application running on a tablet that is used by samplers in the field for data collection at hundreds of locations at over 20 waste facilities. Using the Field App, the sampler downloads the sample plan, generates and prints sample bottle labels, records collection information (which is geostamped), uploads collected data to the database, and generates and prints the COC document.

  • Complete data validation upon upload or edit, including immediate notification of errors found in the data.

  • Data processors for field data exported from data loggers and lithology and well construction data exported from external geotechnical software.

  • A SQL Server database to store all necessary data and facility-based security that restricts user access to sample plans, web reports, and uploading of data based on their associated facility.

  • A notification system to notify users of events such as successful upload of data and exceedance of water quality criteria when chemistry data are uploaded.

  • Web reports for accessing data in the database.

  • Web portal for laboratory EDD management, including validation of EDDs on upload, tracking of EDD status, automated checking for QC data, and an interface for performing completeness checking.

  • A web-based dashboard that includes interactive maps and charts for data visualization.


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