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Data Management System for Coordinated Integrated Monitoring Programs

County of Los Angeles, City of Santa Clarita, City of Malibu

Tetra Tech developed and hosts the data management system for two Coordinated Integrated Monitoring Programs (CIMPs) in southern California: The Upper Santa Clara River (USCR) Watershed CIMP and the North Santa Monica Bay Coastal Watersheds (NSMBCW) CIMP. Sampling is performed across various water bodies in each watershed to assess compliance with Total Maximum Daily Loads during both wet and dry conditions. Sampling data analysis will inform remediation efforts.

The data management system features:

  • A web site using Azure single sign-on for secure client access to reports. Reports provide access to all data--chemistry, field parameters, habitat, toxicology, and bacteria. Weather conditions during sampling (dry vs. wet conditions) are associated with the chemistry results for report filtering.

  • A data manager for such tasks as planning sampling events and uploading Electronic Data Deliverables (EDDs) for reference, laboratory, and other data.

  • A notification system that emails users about system events such as data uploads, upload errors, and criteria exceedances.

  • A SQL Server database for secure storage of all data.

  • Complete data traceability, including tracking of who uploaded data and when, maintaining a history of all changes, and archiving of all EDDs. Immediate, interactive feedback on the status of uploads and identification of errors is also provided.

  • Imports and exports of data in California Environmental Data Exchange Network (CEDEN) formats, as these CIMP Groups are required to report all their data to the Water Board every six months according to EDD templates developed by CEDEN.

  • A customized dashboard using Microsoft PowerBI that allows users to interact with a map of site locations to view constituent time-series graphs and criteria exceedances.

This data management system is a customized version of Tetra Tech’s EnDAR system."


Travis Clark

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