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Predictive Ecological Risk Assessments for Edwards Air Force Base — US Air Force, US Army COE

Edwards Air Force Base (EAFB) is located in the western Mojave Desert and supports testing of manned and unmanned aircraft and aerospace vehicles, advanced flight testing and training, large and small rocket engine testing, and airborne weapons systems testing.

In support of the 95th Air Base Wing Environmental Management Directorate, Tetra Tech is presently conducting over 70 Predictive Ecological Risk Assessments (PERAs). This work involves the systematic evaluation of historic information, review of soil and groundwater data, toxicological review, and the quantitative analysis of potential risks under multiple scenarios.

The large number of sites coupled with the diverse array of mission related activities creates a significant challenge. To face this challenge, scientific professionals at Tetra Tech have developed a custom Risk Assessment model (RISK-E) which enables both a rapid and comprehensive evaluation of each site under multiple “what if” scenarios. Furthermore, an automated reporting system helps expedite document generation which allows risk assessors to focus on results interpretation.

Tetra Tech is working closely with RI/FS managers to help with the interpretation and integration of the results into forthcoming management action plans. To this end, Tetra Tech continues to provide service and support to the 95th ABW/EM Directorate as an active partner in the environmental stewardship of this historic and pivotal Air Force facility.


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