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Environmental Advisor(s) For Development of Guidelines for Preparation of Decommissioning Environmental Assessment (DEA) Report — Petroleum Institute of Thailand

Tetra Tech gathered a number of technical experts to assist the Petroleum Institute of Thailand (PTIT) to develop a guidelines document (DEA Guidelines) for the preparation of oil and gas facilities decommissioning environmental assessment reports.

A PTIT Project Team was formed to prepare the DEA Guidelines. Tetra Tech has assembled a team of four advisors with international experience in onshore and offshore decommissioning projects and in the design and conduct of regional environmental monitoring and assessment programs. The advisors came from within the Tetra Tech family of companies, or with extensive Minerals Management Services experience, or with experience in developing and conducting regional environmental assessments. A local Tetra Tech environmental specialist, familiar with the Thai environmental assessment regulations and regulatory agencies, coordinated the work of the international advisors.


Kim Brown