Mokelumne River Watershed Land Use Master Plan — East Bay Municipal Utility District

Tetra Tech supported the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) during the information gathering process and prepared an updated land use master plan for approximately 29,000 acres that it owns in the Mokelumne River watershed. The Mokelumne Watershed Land Use Master Plan (Master Plan) establishes District policy and provides long-term management direction on land use, recreation, and resource management for District–owned lands within the Mokelumne Watershed, with the goal of protecting water quality and ecologic health in a financially sustainable manner. The natural resources condition was evaluated to identify evidence of impacts from land use activities such as recreation and grazing. An inventory of all assets belonging to EBMUD in the watershed was conducted and an assessment report prepared, describing the condition of existing buildings, water and wastewater treatment facilities, electrical equipment, roads, and fencing.


Sujoy Roy

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