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Susitna-Watana Hydrographic Studies Database Compilation — Alaska Department of Natural Resources

Tetra Tech was contracted by the Alaska Department of Natural Resources (ADNR) to provide GIS services for geodatabase compilation related to hydrographic studies for a new hydroelectric dam. Major project components include digitization of and geoprocessing to create new layers, FGDC metadata creation and QA/QC, integration of new layers into existing geodatabases, and other GIS geodatabase management tasks, all per ADNR standards. Recent tasks include digitization and linear referencing of the Susitna River, tributary, channel, and slough centerlines, and digitization of Susitna River reaches. Tetra Tech has also been tasked with map creation detailing environmental monitoring stations and hydrographic features, as well as land use and critical infrastructure.


Renee Walmsley

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