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Inyo County Color & Color Infrared Orthoimagery — County of Inyo

The Tetra Tech Geomatic Technologies team acquired and processed a high resolution, digital color orthoimage basemap at 6-inch resolution and 1-foot resolution for 17 communities in Inyo County, CA. Acquisition utilizing Airborne GPS/IMU encompassed a total of 222 square miles within the Owens Valley, on the eastern flank of the Sierra Nevada’s, including the communities of Bishop, Independence and Tecopa. Acquisition by Keystone Aerial Surveys included the Microsoft UltraCamX Digital Sensor with 4-band collection.

Deliverables included an aerial triangulation report, CIR & RGB orthorectified imagery (6” and 1’ pixel resolution) delivered in GeoTiff and MrSID format, QA/QC report and FGDC-compliant metadata. To ensure client satisfaction and on-time delivery, an initial pilot area was delivered and approved by Inyo County end-users prior to completing the remaining project area.


Renee Walmsley

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