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We’ve provided geospatial solutions for a broad spectrum of markets including:

  • Civil Engineering and Land Survey Firms
  • Federal Agencies
  • Military Bases
  • State, City, and County Agencies
  • Energy Companies (Electric, Wind, O&G, Hydro)
  • Water and Irrigation Districts
  • Mining Industry
  • Landfill Operators
  • Golf Courses
  • Environmental Consultants
  • Ports and Harbors
  • Land Development and Land Management
  • International agencies and authorities

Susitna-Watana Hydrographic Studies Database Compilation

Tetra Tech was contracted by the Alaska Department of Natural Resources (ADNR) to provide GIS services for geodatabase compilation related to hydrographic studies for a new hydroelectric dam. Major project components include digitization of and geoprocessing to create new layers, FGDC metadata creat ..... More

USFS Inundation Mapping and Preparation of EAPs - Regions 1, 2, 3 and 4

Tetra Tech was the prime contractor for the NRCS, to provide a high definition LiDAR model to support an inundation mapping study over two areas in the vicinity of Smoot, Wyoming. During the acquisition campaign, the aircraft covered the 8,300 acres of the project area to collect an airborne LiDAR p ..... More

Tracy Hills Photogrammetric Mapping and Orthophotography Project

In November, 2012, Tetra Tech Geomatic Technologies Group was contacted by RJA, Inc., a California firm that supplies civil engineering and surveying services, and asked to produce photogrammetric mapping at a scale of 1” = 40’, with a contour interval of 1’. An accompanying set of 0.25’ pixel color ..... More

Helmand Afghanistan Transmission Line LiDAR Survey and Planimetric Mapping

Tetra Tech was a subcontractor for Perini Management Services to supply topographic and planimetric mapping for transmission line corridors in the Helmand region of Afghanistan. Tetra Tech used LiDAR to create a Digital Elevation Model, and provided Perini 1 meter contours for the project area. Ster ..... More

Okanogan National Forest Exploration LiDAR Baseline Study

Tetra Tech and our acquisition partner Watershed Sciences performed a LiDAR study in the Okanogan National Forest in northern Washington State. Delivery specifications included classification and analysis of the terrain model. Following successful acquisition, the dataset was imported into Terrascan ..... More

LiDAR Survey for North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC)

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is responsible for the compliance and regulations for power lines. Color imagery was collected with a medium format camera of numerous steel transmission lines throughout California. The imagery was orthorectified at a 0.3” ground sample dis ..... More

California High Speed Rail Photogrammetric Mapping and Orthoimagery

Over a period of two years the Tetra Tech Geomatics Group mapped approximately 200 miles of proposed right-of-way for the California High Speed Rail Authority. Several alternative routes and extensions were included in the mapping. The several projects all depended on color aerial photography that w ..... More

SporTVision Photogrammetric Mapping

The engineers of Tetra Tech Geomatics Group have a long association with SporTVision, the pioneer video graphics company best known for inventing the “yellow line” now standard in television broadcasting of football games. Ten years ago, when SporTVision began supporting the television broadcast of ..... More

Collection of Aerial Imagery and Elevation Data for the USIBWC Levee Flood Control Project

The USIBWC contracted Tetra Tech to provide digital ortho-photo quadrangles (DOQs) and engineering-grade elevation data to help the USIBWC with hydrologic and hydraulic modeling of the levee systems. The imagery and elevation data will be used to assess the levees, conduct flood modeling, and estima ..... More

Panoche Gates 230kV Transmission Line LiDAR & Photogrammetry Survey

Tetra Tech completed a 43-mile LiDAR & photogrammetry survey of a 230kV transmission line in Central CA. The photogrammetry was utilized for planimetric mapping of features under the line including roads, canals, and buildings while feature extraction from the LiDAR data was used to create as-builts ..... More

Pit #3 Hydroelectric Dam Photogrammetry & LiDAR Survey

Tetra Tech performed a LiDAR and photogrammetry study of the Pit Dam (8,426 acres) in northern California (N. CA) for Pacific Gas & Electric Geosciences. Aerial photography included 22 exposures @ 1:12000 to accommodate planimetric mapping at 1”=100’ and high resolution orthophotography at 6” pixel ..... More

Diablo Canyon Power Plant LiDAR Survey & Photogrammetry

The Tetra Tech Geomatic Technologies Group performed a Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) and photogrammetry study of a 12 mile region on the Central California Coastline. The project was done for the PG&E Geosciences group in support of their analysis of seismic activity near the Diablo Canyon Pow ..... More

Eastern Sierra Scanning & Orthorectification Project

Tetra Tech was the prime contractor for Los Angeles Department of Water & Power, Eastern Sierra Environmental and Water Rights Group within the Water Operations Division. The Eastern Sierra Scanning Project includes inventory, scanning, rectification and image processing of approximately 9700 histor ..... More

Inyo County Color & Color Infrared Orthoimagery

The Tetra Tech Geomatic Technologies team acquired and processed a high resolution, digital color orthoimage basemap at 6-inch resolution and 1-foot resolution for 17 communities in Inyo County, CA. Acquisition utilizing Airborne GPS/IMU encompassed a total of 222 square miles within the Owens Valle ..... More

Hyperspectral Analysis

Airborne hyperspectral data were acquired over approximately 300 square miles of Edwards Air Force Base. Along each of the 190 flight lines, reflected sunlight spanning visible to near-IR wavelengths (VNIR) were collected into 128 separate grayscale images (“bands”) with a spatial resolution of 1 me ..... More

LiDAR Survey of the Happy Camp Complex in the Klamath National Forest

Tetra Tech was the prime contractor for the USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest Division, to provide a LiDAR dataset with a pulse density of 8 pulses/m2 over the Happy Camp Complex (175 sq. miles), in the Klamath National Forest, California. Based on these measure-ments, a Digital Elevation Model ..... More

LiDAR Terrain Modeling and GIS Analysis

In support of the 95 Air Base Wing Environmental Management (95ABW/EM) Directorate, Tetra Tech completed an airborne LiDAR mission of 518 square miles at EAFB. Tetra Tech scientists along with our key subcontractors collected, processed, and analyzed LiDAR point data that was used to create a base-w ..... More

Mercer County Orthoimagery and Oblique Imagery

Tech Tetra Tech was contracted by Mercer County, Ohio to provide orthoimagery and oblique imagery to the county auditor. Mercer County is located in western Ohio and has a population of about 40,000 and an area of about 470 square miles. Tetra Tech acquired 4-band vertical imagery and color oblique ..... More

Upper Santa Cruz River LiDAR Project

Tetra Tech was contracted by the County of Pima, Arizona to provide airborne LiDAR and photogrammetric data for a 31 square mile area along the Santa Cruz River. The data was collected for the Pima County Regional Flood Control District. The LiDAR and imagery acquisition took place in June 2015. The ..... More

Mariner-Sunoco Orthoimagery

The Tetra Tech Geomatics Technology Team was contracted by Rooney Engineering, a Tetra Tech company, in 2013 to provide orthoimagery for a 50-mile segment of corridor for a pipeline-planning project across Southern Pennsylvania and Northern Ohio. ..... More

LiDAR Collection for Obstruction Study

Tetra Tech performed several studies for runway extension at Arnold Air Force Base in Coffee County, Tennessee. The studies included a wetland study and an obstruction study. The runway is surrounded by forested areas at both ends. The Tetra Tech Geomatic Technologies Group provided airborne LiDAR a ..... More

WSDOT Orthoimagery

Under contract with Washington DOT Tetra Tech received 7 task orders to produce orthoimagery along State Routes in Washington State. The imagery had been previously acquired with an UltraCam Falcon Prime camera. Under a previous task order on the same contract, Tetra Tech had performed the aerotrian ..... More

Mussel Rock Landfill

The Tetra Tech Geomatics Group was asked by the Oakland office to provide standard topographic mapping of a long-closed landfill site in Daly City, CA. Having previously mapped the site in 2010 for another firm, the Geomatics Group proposed to take the same approach as was taken in 2010 so that the ..... More

WSDOT Stormwater Feature Collection

Under contract with Washington DOT Tetra Tech received a task order to collect stormwater features on portions of 134 state routes across Washington State. The features to be collected included inlets, drainage markers, bridge drains and ditch bottoms. Ditch bottoms were breakline features while all ..... More

White River Large Woody Debris Evaluation

On a section of the lower White River near Lake Wenatchee, Washington, a photogrammetric analysis was undertaken on natural large wood debris accumulations, plus an additional 28 built structures, in order to help determine wood debris volumes for the overall section of the river. ..... More

John Day River Lidar

The Tetra Tech Geomatics Group provided topo-bathymetric mapping of 85 miles of stream courses in eastern Oregon to support of hydrological analysis. The data was collected at a density of 8 pts/m2 and ground classified. The bathymetric portion of the data was collected with a green laser capable of ..... More